What is chamomile?

What is chamomile? Chamomile is usually an herb that develops from a flowering plant through the daisy family. The two fresh and dried flowers of chamomile happen to be used to create teas since way back when to cure numerous health issues. The active ingredient in chamomile oil is recognized as bisabolol, that includes a variety of anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties.

Chamomile herb can be found on mostly all areas over Europe and temperate Asia, and in temperate North America and Australia. It grows around landfills near the roads, and in weed cultivated fields because the seeds require open soil to survive.

The word chamomile is from Greek meaning “earth-apple”, which is derived from chamai “on the ground” and mēlon “apple”, and it is also called because of the apple look scent of the plant.

Chamomile grows to a height of 15-60 cm, and has a branched stem, which is erect and smooth. These long and narrow leaved are bipinnate or tripinnate.

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